Wednesday, 8 March 2017

How to disassemble Fisher and Paykel smartdrive electronic washing machine

Ensure power and water supplies are disconnected before servicing. There is still mains power within the console when on/off switch in the off position.
1. Isolate from the power supply.
2. To remove the lid, open it to the upright position and lift it clear.
An anti-static wrist strap must be used when handling electronic modules. Clip the strap to the earth terminal at the rear of the top deck. Modules removed from Smartdrive for return must be protected from possible electrostatic damage while in transit by the use of the specialised packaging in which they were received.
3. Remove the 2 screws from the rear of the top console, disconnect the earth lead. The console can now be raised for access to the Motor Controller Module, Display Module and associated wiring.
4. Disconnect the pressure tube from the pressure sensor.
5. Disconnect display module plug, the motor/pump harness plug and Rotor Position Sensor plug.
Remove the pump earth lead and mains cable earth lead from the Motor Controller Module.
Remove the plugs from the back of the mains cable clamp, undo the 2 screws holding the clamp and remove the clamp from the console feed the mains cable earth wire through the cable clamp opening.
6. Remove the two rubber buffers and screws from the front of the top deck. Release the retaining clips at rear of cabinet using a flat bladed screwdriver. Lift the top deck clear, feeding wiring through hole in top deck corner of the cabinet.
[The top deck cannot be hinged back without first releasing the rear clips from the cabinet and lifting at the same time.]
7. Unclip the bias spring from the front left suspension rod. Unclip the neck ring from the top of the outer bowl.
8. Remove the fabric softener dispenser, unscrew the agitator retaining nut and remove the agitator.
9. The inner bowl may now be lifted clear. (If the inner bowl is not easy to lift clear, then remove the three spline retaining screws and remove the driven spline.
Then pull the drive spline off the shaft and lift out the inner bowl).
If not already removed, the clutch can be disassembled at this stage by removing the three screws from the driven spline.
10. Remove the screw from the drain hose outlet bracket on the rear of the wrapper.
11. Unclip the harness duct from the right hand rear suspension and remove the suspension assembly by lifting the corner bracket upwards, and free the suspension assembly from the outer bowl.
12. Feed the drain hose inside the wrapper. Clip the drain hose fixture over the outer bowl with the attached hook.
13. Remove the remaining three suspension rod assemblies.
14. Lay the cabinet on its back, on protective material, and slide the outer bowl assembly out, but note that approximately 1 litre of water must be removed from the pump sump before laying the cabinet on its back.
15. To remove the pump, release the locking tab. Turn the pump anti-clockwise, lift it clear and remove the electrical connections.
16. Remove the two screws securing the wiring duct to the outer bowl base.
17. Remove the drain hose clamp. Twist the drain hose in an anti-clockwise direction to release the bayonet fitting. If changing the outer bowl, the pump securing plate can be removed at this stage by unscrewing the 4 x 3/8" securing bolts.
18. Remove the clamp from the pressure tube and pull the tube off the spigot on the pressure chamber.
19. Unclip the pump harness and then remove the complete assembly.