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Sansui TLS112AF – How to enter service mode, software update, SMPS schematic - MST6E16JS chassis

To enter the Factory OSD Menu
a. With factory RC (remote control)
1. Press “M” button and enter factory mode.
2. Press “Menu” button and enter factory OSD menu.
3 . Press “CH+”/“CH-” button select the function menu, press “VOL+”/“VOL-” enter the selected function menu. Press “VOL+”/“VOL-” button adjust values in the menu.
4. Press “M” button exit factory mode in the factory OSD menu.
When TV outgoing factory,user can not enter factory OSD menu with Factory Remote
b. With user’s RC
1. Power TV On
2. Press Menu button and call up User OSD Menu
3. Select Sound > Balance
4. When Balance value is “0”,Enter 0 >5 >3 >2 in sequence.
Note: If necessary, re-do number keys.
5. Factory OSD appears.
6. Press the standby button then AC turn off and restart the TV, which can exit factory OSD menu.
The Factory OSD Menu comprises Factory Menu and Design Menu.
Software Upgrading
Before upgrading, read the following.
1 Before upgrading, Write down the ADC Calibration values of the channel of VGA and component
2 Upgrade the software.
3 To clear the EEPROM .
A Select the item “Clear Unprotected”.
B Press VOL+ button to clear the EEPROM data.
C Close the OSD menu after 5 seconds.
D Restart the TV.
4 Write the ADC Calibration values copied just now into the the channels of VGA and component.
5 After the operation above all, necessarily, Renew search the channels for the users.
Get ready for upgrading
The software is upgraded by a burning tool- ISP_TOOL4.0.9, which can burn the program file“* bin” to the main board of the unit
Install the ISP_TOOL4.0.9-------only for the first time update
Choose “system”option from the “control panel”
Click the “system” icon as the following.
Choose the “hardware” option from the dialog window
Click“device management” icon as the following
Choose the port (COM and LPT1)
Choose the ECP print port (LPT1)
Click the port of print(LPT) as the following.
Choose “port setting “option as the following
Find the folder where the ISP_TOOL4.0.9 lies in.
There are three folders/files in this folder together.
DLPORTIO.dll and FTD2XX.DLL must be in the same folder
Double click the ISP_TOOL4.0.9 icon, and then a dialog window will show.
Click the Config button. And then a dialog window will show as below.
Port Type setting is LPT1
Base Addr setting is 0x378
Draw [Check mark] on the front of “pin 1 switch UART/I2c”
Speed setting is 99.
Choose“SDA in”and setting “PIN” is “PIN10”。
Notes: Do not draw [Check mark] on the front of “Reverse High”。
Choose “SCL in”and setting “PIN” is “PIN11”。
Notes: Do not draw [Check mark] on the front of “Reverse High”
Choose “SDA out”and setting “PIN” is “PIN4”
Notes: Draw [Check mark] on the front of “Reverse High”
Choose “SCL out”and setting “PIN” is “PIN2”
Notes: Draw [Check mark] on the front of “Reverse High”
After having finished all above, clicking the “Apply ”button to complete the configuration
Hardware connecting
You can update the software through a special tool (as following)
Connect the Debug board to the TV use VGA interface, the other parallel port to the computer.
Upgrading with the ISP_TOOL4.0.9
Double click the ISP_TOOL4.0.9 icon and a dialog window will show
Click the“Read ”button
Choose the update file from the folder
The update file has been chosen successfully
Click the“Auto”button and choose parameters as following and Click the“Run”button
Click the“connect”button,then show a dialog box.
If show “Error”then click the“Run”button again and again, till show the following dialog window.
The above appears on the screen-the word “program ok”shows in the information displaying window,indicating upgrading is over
After the update is over. Must Confirm the software Version in the Version Menu.
If the update is successful, enter Factory Init Menu and select “Clear Unprotect”
a. Press VOL+ button to clear the EEPROM data.
b. When the “Clear Unprotect” button becomes white, turn off the power.
c. Restart the TV
Power supply (SMPS) Circuit diagram
USB Software upgrading
 Copy the Updating software to the USB root directory, the software named *.bin. for example the TV LCD19W58AM(30) named LCD19W58AM.bin.
If the TV has internet function, Insert the USB disk to the interface nearly the Tuner.
In the “Function” Menu “Software Update”choose“on”- see the next figure
AC power off, then restart the TV.
After update success, AC power off, and restart the TV.
If only appear the figure:“Binary file detecting - the last three figures not. Please modify the name of software.
After the update is over. Must Confirm the software Version in the Version
If the update is successful, enter Factory Init Menu and select “Clear Unprotect”
d. Press VOL+ button to clear the EEPROM data.
e. When the “Clear Unprotect ” button becomes white, turn off the power.
f. Restart the TV.
Chasis MST6E16 includes 6E16GS and 6E16JS
Chassis 6E16GS must be the last 8 bit figures and letters in front ot .bin For example :
LCD19W58AM(30) named D19W58AM.bin.
Chassis 6E16JS must be the the TV name in front ot.bin. For example :
LCD19W58AM(30) named LCD19W58AM.bin.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Grundig - Hamburg, Leemaxx, Vision AND Vision 2 Models LCD TVs – SMPS and Back light inverter circuit diagrams, Service mode and more…

Parental Control
The personal pin can be changed with master pin 2356

Hotel Mode
Maximum volume is limited and there is no access to Menu "CHANNEL
SETUP" at activated hotel mode.

Call up: M > 8500 > Down "OPTION 1" > OK > Up/Dn "Hotel" > R/L "AVAIL".
Maximum volume: M > 8500 > Down "OPTION 1" > OK > Up/Dn "Hotel Volume" > R/L Value 0…100.
Switching off the Hotel Mode temporarily
At this function the activated hotel mode is deactivated until the set
is switched off (standby).
Call up: M > 4658 > R/L
Cloning Function for Program Table
It is possible to clone the program table with this function from one
TV set to further TV set of same series.
Grundig Power supply YSY194 – SCHEMATIC
ICs Used: FSCM0465-D2-PAK-6L, TCLT1003(Optocoupler), FAN7314, STS4P30L, FDS8958A, ST1S10,FAN7314, FDD4141(FET) 
YSY194 inverter
B6C194 inverter
Copy program table to USB stick:
If necessary switch off Hotel Mode temporarily (see above) > connect emty USB stick > R/L "No" > OK –> M > R/L "CHANNEL SETUP" > Down "Program Table" R > 8500 > L/R "DTV", "ATV" or "All" > Down "Save" > OK.
Copy program table into further TV set of same type series:
If necessary switch off Hotel Mode temporarily (see above) –> connect emty USB stick > R/L "No" > OK > M > R/L "CHANNEL SETUP" > Down "Program Table" R > 8500 > R/L "DTV", "ATV" or "All" > Down "Load" > OK.
Service and Special Functions
Functions of the buttons
M:  Call up/exit the Dialog Center / exit the Service Mode
UP/DN: Call up the dialogue line (point of menu)
OK Call up the Menus
L/R: Changing the settings
<=: Submenu: Back to main menu
Main menu: Exit the Service Mode
Calling up the Service Mode
– Press button "M" (TV Menu).
– Enter the code number 8500.
Exit the Service Mode
– Press button M.

Monday, 5 June 2017

LG 55LB8700 55LB8700-CA LCD TV – software update and other adjustments

USB S/W Download(Service only)
(1) Put the USB Stick to the USB socket.
(2) Go to General menu then enter to About This TV.
(3) Enter the USB EXPERT MODE
(4) Updating is starting.
(5) Updating completed, the TV will restart automatically
(6) If your TV is turned on, check your updated version and Tool option. (explain the Tool option, next stage)
 If downloading version is more high than your TV have, TV can lost all channel data. In this case, you have to channel recover. if all channel data is cleared, you didn’t have a DTV/ATV test on production line.
 After downloading, have to adjust Tool Option again.
(1) Push "IN-START" key in service remote control.
(2) Select "Tool Option 1" and push "OK" key.
(3) Punch in the number. (Each model has their number)
Automatic Adjustment
 MAC address D/L, CI+ key D/L, Widevine key D/L, ESN D/L, HDCP14/20 D/L, DTCP
Connect: USB port
Communication Prot connection
 Com 1,2,3,4 and 115200(Baudrate)
Mode check: Online Only
 Check the test process: DETECT > MAC > ESN > Widevine > HDCP14 > HDCP20
 Play: Press Enter key
 Result: Ready, Test, OK or NG
 Printer Out (MAC Address Label)
LAN inspection solution
 LAN Port connection with PCB
If setting automatic IP If you want manual connection, enter Network connection at MENU Mode of TV. Press Start connection key, then Network will be connected.
LAN PORT inspection(PING TEST)
(1) Play the LAN Port Test Program.
(2) Connect each other LAN Port Jack.
(3) Play Test (F9) button and confirm OK Message.
(4) Remove LAN cable.
Model name & Serial number Download
 Model name & Serial number D/L
 Press "Power on" key of service remote control.  (Baud rate : 115200 bps)
 Connect RS-232C Signal to USB Cable to USB.
 Write Serial number by use USB port.
 Must check the serial number at Instart menu.
Method & notice
(1) Serial number D/L is using of scan equipment.
(2) Setting of scan equipment operated by Manufacturing Technology Group.
(3) Serial number D/L must be conformed when it is produced in production line, because serial number D/L is mandatory by D-book 4.0.
 Manual Download (Model Name and Serial Number)
If the TV set is downloaded by OTA or service man, sometimes model name or serial number is initialized.(Not always)
It is impossible to download by bar code scan, so It need Manual download.
1) Press the "Instart" key of Adjustment remote control.
2) Go to the menu "5.Model Number D/L" like below photo.
3) Input the Factory model name(ex 42LB6500-CA) or Serial number.
4) Check the model name Instart menu. > Factory name displayed. (ex 42LB6500-CA)
5) Check the Diagnostics.(DTV country only) > Buyer model displayed. (ex 42LB6500-CA)
Magic Motion Remote control test
 Equipment : RF Remocon for test, IR-KEY-Code Remote control for test
 You must confirm the battery power of RF-Remocon before test(recommend that change the battery per every lot)
 Sequence (test)
a) If you select the ‘start key(Wheel Key)’ on the controller, you can pairing with the TV SET.
b) You can check the cursor on the TV Screen, when select the ‘Wheel Key’ on the controller
c) You must remove the pairing with the TV Set by select ‘Mute Key’ on the control.
3D function test(Except Non-3D product)
(Pattern Generator MSHG-600, MSPG-6100[Support HDMI1.4]) HDMI mode NO. 872 , pattern No.83
(1) Please input 3D test pattern.
2) When 3D OSD appear automatically, then select green key
(3) Don't wear a 3D Glasses, check the picture.
Wi-Fi Test
1) Turn on TV.
2) Select Wi-Fi Connection option in Network Menu.
3) Click Off Button to On in Wi-Fi Connection.
4) The system finds any AP like in picture.
5) Select the AP you want to connect.
Camera Function Inspection 
(1) Objective: To check how it connects between Camera and PCBA normally, and their Function
(2) Test Method : This Inspection is available only Power-Only Status.
1) Push Camera Up.
2) Camera’s Preview picture appears on TV Set.
3) Push Camera Down.
Ship-out mode check(In-stop)
 After final inspection, press "IN-STOP" key of the Adjustment remote control and check that the unit goes to Stand-by mode.
LG Adjustment (Service) remote control.  This remote control should be bought seperately from LG service centers, to do all the service adjustments.  It has a special button marked "Instart"; and should be pressed to get the service mode window.  This remote control is common to all LG models, irrespective of its type and size.