Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Toshiba air to water heat pump adjustments, self diagnosis

Hydro Unit
HWS-803XWHM3-E(TR) - HWS-803XWHT6-E(TR) - HWS-803XWHD6-E - HWS-803XWHT9-E - HWS-1403XWHM3-E(TR) - HWS-1403XWHT6-E(TR) - HWS-1403XWHD6-E - HWS-1403XWHT9-E(TR)
Hot Water Cylinder
Outdoor Unit
HWS-803H-E(TR) - HWS-1103H-E(TR) - HWS-1403H-E(TR) - HWS-1103H8-E - HWS-1103H8R-E - HWS-1403H8-E - HWS-1403H8R-E - HWS-1603H8-E - HWS-1603H8R-E
This Air to Water Heat Pump adopts a new refrigerant HFC (R410A) to prevent destruction of the ozone layer.  The working pressure of R410A refrigerant is 1.6 times higher than that of the conventional refrigerant R22.The refrigerant oil is also changed for the new refrigeration. Therefore, during installation or service work, be sure that water, dust, former refrigerant, or refrigeration machine oil does not enter the refrigerant cycle of the new type refrigerant Air to Water Heat Pump. A wrong installation or service operation may cause a serious accident.
Method of Defect Diagnosis
In order to diagnose the defective part of the heat pump system, first understand the symptom of the defect.
(1) Check the operation status. (It does not move, or it moves but stops, etc.)
(2) Flashing display on the display part of the hydro unit.
(3) Check the “check code” by the remote control.
Matters to be confirmed first
Check the power supply voltage
Check that the power supply voltage is AC220-230 V± 10 % (signal phase type), AC380-400 V± 10 % (3 phase type). If the power supply voltage is not in this range, it may not operate normally.
Check for any miswiring of the connection cables between the hydro unit and the outdoor unit
The hydro unit and the outdoor unit are connected with three connection cables. Make sure the interconnecting connections between the hydro unit and the outdoor unit terminal blocks are connected to the correct terminal numbers. If not connected correctly, the heat pump system does not operate. However, a miswiring would not cause damage to the equipment.
About the installation of the temperature sensor
If each sensor is removed due to the replacement of the water heat exchange or inverter board, or the replacement of the refrigeration cycle parts, make sure to put the sensor back to the position where it was before.
• Each sensor position has a marking. Make sure to put it back to the exact position.
• Make sure to install it with a sensor holder so that the temperature sensing part of the sensor and the straight part of the copper piping are attached with each other tightly.
• If the installation of the sensor is incomplete or the installed position is wrong, it will not perform a normal control operation and may cause a defect such as a malfunction of the equipment or an occurrence of an abnormal sound, etc.
Non-defective operation (program operation) … No fault code display appears.
In order to control the heat pump unit, there are the following operations as the built-in program operations in the microcomputer. If it does, please understand that the symptom is not a defect of the equipment, and it is an operation necessary for the control and maintenance of the heat pump unit.
How to determine from the check code on the remote control
If the defect is limited by the check code displayed on the remote control
The check codes are separated into two groups: software and hardware errors.
Since a hardware error cannot be cancelled without a part replacement etc., please perform a repair.
If its abnormality is determined, the abnormality is noticed by indicating the check code on the remote control check code display part while sounding off a buzzer.
How to cancel a check code on the remote controller
(1) Press Zone-2 or Hot Water button (on the operation side) to clear the check code.
Press CL to stop a buzzer for an abnormality only.
Although the above procedure cancels the check code, the hardware error will be displayed again until the hardware repair is completed. 
Outdoor Unit Failure Detection
Diagnosis procedure for each check code
• One check code may indicate multiple symptoms. In such a case, see the LED indication on the outdoor board to narrow down the check details.
• The handy remote controller displays a check code only when the same failure repeatedly occurs while the LED on the outdoor board indicates an error even if it occurs only once. This may cause indication inconsistency between the remote controller and LED.
Operation check by PC board switch
Operation check mode
This mode allows to check the operations of the water 2-way valve, water 3-way valve, mixing valve, and circulating pump. This operation is valid when the hydro unit and the outdoor unit are turned on the power.
Operation check mode
(1) Preparation
1) Turn all of the remote controls "OFF" for the hot water supply and heating.
2) Turn off the hydro unit and the outdoor unit.
3) Remove the front panel of the hydro unit.
4) Set SW06_2 "ON"
(2) Operation check
1) Turn on the hydro unit and the outdoor unit.
2) Rotate switch DIP SW01 to position "1" and press tactile switch SW07 for 5 sec. or longer.
3) Rotating the rotary SW01 allows to check each operation.
4) Set the DIP SW06_2 "OFF" to finish.
How to reset hydro function code
If the hydro unit PCB has been replaced, it is necessary to change the FC 01 (capacity setting)
(1) Preparation
1) Turn all of the remote controls "OFF" for the hot water supply [HOTWATER] and heating [ZONE1,2].
2) Turn off the power supply of the hydro unit and the outdoor unit.
3) Remove the front panel of the hydro unit and cover to the hydro unit electrical box.
4) Set SW06_1 
1) Turn on the power supply of the hydro unit and the outdoor unit.
• The small yellow LED located near the MCU should be flashing slowly.
2) Press tactile switch SW07 until the yellow LED turns off.
• When the tactile switch SW07 has been press for 5 sec, flashing becomes quickly. And when the switch will be pressed further 5 sec, the yellow LED will turn off.
When the SW07 is released, the yellow LED start to flash quickly again.
3) Turn off the power supply of the hydro unit and the outdoor unit.
4) Set SW06_1 and _2 to "OFF".
5) Replace the electrical box cover and front panel on the hydro unit.
How to reset remote controller function code
It is not possible to reset the remote controller function code setting back to the default values.
Frost Protection Setting
This setting keeps a room with weak heating when users are not home for long hours.
1 Press the ZONE1,2 [Power] button to start a heating operation.
(This is available only for a normal heating operation.)
(No frost protection setting is provided to hot water supply and cooling.)
2 Pressing the FORST PROTECTION button displays the symbol and "F" for temperature setting. 
The heating operation of 15°C is set.In FC_3B in 2-2 section, the set temperature can be changed in the range of 10 to 20°C.
3 Pressing the FORST PROTECTION button makes
disappear, and the set temperature returns to the normal heating temperature. (Pressing the ZONE1,2 [Power] button ends both the frost protection and the heating operation.)